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FINAL MEMO ENGLISH-1 - Moviegoers 1 October25,2006 MEMO To...

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Moviegoers October 25, 2006 1 MEMO To: Moviegoers From: Erik Li, Kuang Li, Alexander Marbach, Katie McDonald Subject: Fandango Date: October 25, 2009 The purpose of this memo is to recommend the use of Fandango over Moviefone for online ticketing services. Summary Two ticketing web sites, Fandango and Moviefone, differ in their web page layouts, their use as ticketing sites, their simplicity for the user, and their functionality in other aspects besides ticketing, such as entertainment news. The memo will discuss how Fandango is a more efficient ticketing web site than Moviefone. Fandango is less confusing and has a more appealing layout. The memo will also discuss the mobile interface with both of these web sites and how the new iPhone application for Fandango is more user-friendly than the application for Moviefone. Discussion Fandango and Moviefone are the two most popular movie ticketing web sites. Both websites allow users to lookup information about current and upcoming movies, to find show times at theatres and to read the latest entertainment news. Fandango has its own corporate identity and is run by the Regal Entertainment Group, whereas Moviefone is a joint venture between AMC Theaters and AOL. Therefore, Moviefone is closely associated with a number of AOL-run sites and includes features such as AOL web search. In contrast, Fandango focuses on the online
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Moviegoers October 25, 2006 2 ticket buying experience. Fandango's layout unobtrusively guides users to the next ticket buying step and retains a consistent look as you browse through the website subpages. Despite Moviefone's moniker, Fandango also beats out Moviefone's mobile cell phone web offerings, providing a more integrated experience. Although Fandango is the overall better online ticketing service, Moviefone earns some redemption with its vibrant gossip community and news. Layout and Ticketing Fandango distinguishes itself by offering a superb layout that helps users easily find the movies they want to see. From the first page, Fandango employs a set of visual cues that minimize frustrations. At the top of the Fandango page, a large, solid white bar contains the Fandango logo
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FINAL MEMO ENGLISH-1 - Moviegoers 1 October25,2006 MEMO To...

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