IHOP - colleagues did not wish to have and which the waiter...

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9216 Limestone Pl College Park,MD 20740 November 16, 2009 Mr. Raymond Jefferson, General Manager IHOP 9680 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20740 Dear Mr. Jefferson, My colleagues and I recently came into your restaurant one night to dine. In my experience, IHOP has been a wonderful place for my friends and I to go to and dine. The food is good and the service is usually superb. However, on this certain occasion we found our service to be less than exceptional. We entered IHOP a few nights ago and four of us were seated immediately. The waiter came up to take our orders, and two of us ordered items on the late night menu. However, the other two wished to order crepes, which are on the regular menu only. The waiter was kind enough to inform us that they are able to make the crepes if we wished. One of my colleagues ordered a Nutella crepe while the other ordered a plain crepe topped with strawberries. However upon arrival, we found the Nutella crepe to be stuffed with bananas; something my
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Unformatted text preview: colleagues did not wish to have and which the waiter did not inform us about. Additionally, the strawberry crepe that my other colleague ordered came stuffed with strawberries and crème cheese; even though she ordered a plain one topped with strawberries. If these additional items came with the types of crepe we ordered, then I feel that the waiter should have informed us of this, since we did not have the menu in front of us to know for ourselves. We promptly asked the waiter to replace the ones we received with the ones we ordered. However, when the new crepes came, one of them was still made wrong. We received a crepe filled with strawberry jam then topped with strawberry when we ordered a plain crepe topped with strawberry. In the end we just gave up and ate what was given to us. The service we received was overly frustrating and I hope will be more competent in the future. Sincerely, Milo Li...
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IHOP - colleagues did not wish to have and which the waiter...

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