Introduction - group advertisements related to their newer...

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Introduction/Discussion of Problem It is clear that the American population is leaning towards having healthier eating habits. People from young to old are discovering the need to eat a more balanced and nutrition diet. Additionally, consumers are constantly reminded of the need for less processed foods, as seen in many restaurants and supermarkets; as well as leaning towards more wholesome and nutrient- rich products. Even when consumers choose to eat at fast food restaurants, many decide to eat some of the healthier choices on the menu. These problems are attributed to the increase in obesity levels in the past twenty years in America. This country has gone from having relatively low obesity levels to a country known for its overweight individuals. Restaurants everywhere are promoting new items that cater to health-cautious individuals. One of Potbellys biggest rival, Subways, has a wide variety of sandwiches that are low in fat and nutrient-dense. Even though health-oriented individuals were not their main target
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Unformatted text preview: group, advertisements related to their newer health-savvy items helped increase a large portion of their revenue. Potbellys need to start following these trends if the company wishes to tap into the ever-growing market of health-cautious consumers. Items, such as the “TKY”, “Hammie”, and “Mushroom Melt”, account for less than 10% of total sales at Potbellys. This problem could be attributed to the fact that customers know, even though it is marketed as a “lower calorie sandwich” and “low in fat”, the only thing that changed was less meat, cheese and bread; not a change in the ingredients themselves. Having worked at four different Potbellys in the Washington metropolitan area, I can safely say that only earnest changes in the menu, such as the new introduction of multi-grain bread, are well received by customers....
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Introduction - group advertisements related to their newer...

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