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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon BISC 320-Molecular Biology Casey Williamson Scott Greenberg Molecular Biology SI Final Exam Review 12/6/09 Things to review on your own : ***SI EXAM REVIEW #1 and SI EXAM REVIEW #2*** Also: How to draw nucleotides and their base pairing, Amino Acids (structure, classification of, abbreviations), 4 requirements for DNA synthesis, Chromatin Remodeling, 3 models for DNA replication (conservative, semi, dist.), Lab Techniques, 3 Levels of Chromatin Structure, 1° 2° 3° 4° protein structures and bonds involved, Telomeres, NRPs, Topoisomerases, Synthesis of rRNA and tRNA. THIS IS JUST A START!!! There is much more, look over all of your notes! 1. Name the following mutations and explain how they can be suppressed (not fixed): A) In the mRNA, a premature stop codon arises. B) In the DNA, a mutation leads to the wrong amino acid inserted into the protein so it doesn’t fold properly. C) In the DNA, 2 additional nucleotides are inserted causing the proteins the sequence codes for to be truncated during translation. 2. The following DNA molecule: 5’-GATTAGCCTAGCCCCGGCGTAGCGTCAATTAATAT-3’ 3’-CTAATCGGATCGGGGCCGCATCGCAGTTAATTATA-5’ is incubated with the following primer: 5’-TATTAATT-3’ plus: dATP, dCTP, dGTP, and ddTTP; the DNA is denatured and a DNA pol is added. A) What is the length of the newly synthesized strand in bases?
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BISC320SI09Finalreview - Casey Williamson...

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