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BISC 320-Molecular Biology Casey Williamson Scott Greenberg Molecular Biology SI Exam Review #1 9/18/09 Things to review on your own : -Suppressor Mutations, basic gene definitions, early experiments, stop/start codons, ATP structure/functions, protein functions, formation of peptide bond, secondary structure details, lac operon, protein/amino acid modification, lab techniques (SDS- PAGE, isolectric focusing, 2-D electrophoresis, antibodies, Edman degradation). 1. What does Mendel’s first law describe? What characteristic ratios do we expect? 2. Define Mendel’s second law. In what scenario does the law not apply? What characteristic ratios does one expect? 3. Genes A, B, C, and D are all known to be linked genes on the same chromosome. Order the genes given the following frequencies that they segregate TOGETHER: AB 76%, AC 97%, AD 90%, BC 78%, BD 85%, CD 92%. 4. Wild-type mice (females XX; males XY) have black fur. The gene that gives them their fur color lies on the X chromosome. White fur, which black is completely dominant over, arose as a missense mutation. A white female is crossed to a black male, describe the F 1 progeny and the F 2 progeny after the F 1 ’s are crossed. Could any different fur color phenotype be observed in the F
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BISC_320_SI_2009_midterm_1-1 - Casey...

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