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AP US History Vocabulary List Alpharetta High School Directions: Define and learn the terms for a quiz grade the 2 nd day of class 1. (bi)partisan 2. abrogation 3. absolution 4. agitation 5. agrarian 6. ameliorate 7. amnesty 8. anachronism 9. anarchy 10.androgynous 11.antithesis 12.appropriation 13.arbitration 14.aristocracy 15.assimilation 16.atomistic 17.autocracy 18.autonomy 19.belligerent 20.bicameral 21.bilateral/unilateral /multilateral 22.blockade 23.bulwark 24.bureaucracy 25.capitalism 26.charisma 27.coalition 28.condone 29.conscription 30.countervailing 31.coup d’etat 32.denigrated 33.despot(ism) 34.discrimination 35.dissent(er) 36.divine right 37.egalitarian 38.embargo 39.ethos 40.extraterritorially 41.feudalism 42.genocide 43.hegemony 44.historiography 45.homogeneity 46.immigrant 47.inalienable 48.inculcating
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Unformatted text preview: 49.indigenous 50.inflation/deflation 51.injunction 52.institution 53.insular 54.insurgent 55.integration 56.internecine 57.irony 58.jingoism 59.laissez-faire 60.latent 61.mandate 62.manifest 63.manifestation 64.manumission 65.Marxism 66.monarchy 67.moratorium 68.nullify 69.paradox 70.patronage 71.percipient 72.plebiscite 73.precedent 74.propaganda 75.propensity 76.protectorate 77.provisions 78.ratify 79.relegate 80.renounce 81.republic(an) 82.repudiate 83.revenue 84.satire 85.sedition 86.segregation: de facto and de jure 87.som 88.sortie 89.sovereignty 90.specie 91.stringent 92.subsidy 93.suffrage 94.tacit 95.tariff 96.theocracy 97.totalitarianism 98.writ 99.xenophobia 100.zeitgeist...
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