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Shreya Maddireddy Nance 4 th 8.12.2009 Myne Owne Ground , by T. H. Breen and Stephen Innes Myne Owne Ground, written by T. H. Breen and Stephen Innes, essentially is like the correction of one of history’s assumed facts about the life of free blacks in the Southern United States. The life of Anthony Johnsons’s life could only described as an “anomaly” because no one could expect a man of his race to amass a fortune that vast (8). It was assumed that black men could not develop and large fortune enough to be considered equal to a white man. This leads to a questions that perplexed historians and others alike. Was Johnson a true “black slave- owning Englishmen or an articulate Afro-American” (111)? Johnson’s past in “Angola” account for this specific anomaly. “Angola” helps to bind the beginning of the story in this book to the conclusions stated by the authors at the end in that is readdresses the mystery of Anthony Johnson that plagued historians through the last few decades and the readers of this novel, it helps reevaluate assumed culture, and it also helps redefine the life of Anthony Johnson by giving a new perspective to his hardships and struggles. Anthony Johnson’s life was no ordinary life of a black man in southern United States during the late 17 th century. His life had been considered to be a undocumented mistake made by many historians. Of course, this did not sit well with historians that pride themselves on their knowledge of history. The reason for the anomaly is there,
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Myne Owne Ground Essay - Shreya Maddireddy Nance 4th...

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