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Unit Two Essay Questions 1. Analyze the extent to which the American Revolution represented a radical alteration in American political ideas and institutions between 1775-1789. Thesis: While the American Revolution had huge impacts on areas such as the separation of church and state, republicanism, and equality, the Revolution was not an abrupt break like the French and Russian Revolutions, but a natural and expected event that did cause a new social or economic structure. Religion o Ex. Virginia in 1786: passed law guaranteeing religious freedom o Constitution forbade all religious tests for office holding o Since emperor Theodosius religious orthodoxy had been considered necessary for good citizenship and for service in state→ America changed that Equality- “all men are created equal” o Slavery Set foundation for causes towards abolition of slavery later on → ex. Supreme court used in case for abolition of slavery While not law many people began to take up spirit of equality→ ex. 1782 William Binford in Virgins wet free 12 slaves b/c of newfound idea of equality o Women’s rights Demands of war gave women more responsibility in household and other things Divorce became little easier for women→ however only Pennsylvania included right to divorce in new constitution Expansion of education for girls→ 1780s many schools for girls founded Mothers had to e more educated to raise sons negative→ no new jobs opened to women but later movement for women in work force drew from ideologies of revolution o General Equality Rank of birth not recognized “all cannot be rich but all have a right to make the attempt” Fisher Ames No longer natural leaders only acceptable candidates for office Shift of state capitals westward away from major cities→ in Georgia, Carolinas, Virginia Opened legislative sessions to public, published contents of bills legislators considering Not similar to other major revolutions like Russian and French o No new social class came to power Men engineering revolt were well-to-do ex. Randolph and Patrick Henry and Hancock 89% of those who filled office before revolution also occupied office after revolution under new government o Redistribution of land was not example of social motivation Crown’s and Tories land confiscated→ this land went to people already owning lot of acreage not to landless or small landholder Money not democratic theories determined land distribution→ different from French and Russian Revolutions HOWEVER: Land too plentiful in America to make acres matter that much o No major economic change Americans were largely contented and prosperous under British crown→ wanted economic ways to remain undisturbed 2. From 1781 to 1789 the Articles of Confederation provided the United States with an effective government. Evaluate this statement.
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Unit Two essay Questions - Unit Two Essay Questions 1....

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