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Notes Chapter: 4 P Politics I Intellectual R Religion A Art and Architecture T Technology E Economics S Society Culture: Medes- Ancient Iran (1000-500 BCE) Persian rulers=Achaemenid built relat. w/median court thu marriage. Ex: Cyrus ( Kurush ) was both and he united empires W. iran=patriarchal Cyrus took over many lands. People feared the smell of his camel Cambyses(son , Kamujiya ) sought to ctrl Egypt, Nubian, Libya Both father and son cultivated local priests and notables and were respective of native traditions. Darius (Darayavaush) took throne after death-skilled, energetic, ruthless. Medes involvement dec. and Persian inc. He expanded ctrl e/w- largest empire – e. Europe to Pakistan. And Russia- sudan. King gave land (bow land, horse land, chariot land). All who received went to military “Laws of Kings”=judges ruled empire. They encouraged codification dn publification of laws Spoke indo- European language Little written material has survived. Facts found through Greece Darius considered to be the 2 nd founder b/c he created an all new organizational structure. The system of satraps resulted in intermarriage, cultural and tech. exchange Patrolled royal roads connected outlying provinces. Book of esther-hebrew bible-story of King Ahasuerus (Xerxes) and the jewish woman King of Persia = “the great king, king of kings, king in Persia, king of countries” He referred to everyone as “my slaves” and they bow Paradayadam-walled enclosure = paradise Persepolis Treasury and Fortification texts=Elaminate cuneiform on clay tablets=gov.distrib. food. Their religion spread to a lot of other religions. Enforced belief in god and devil, heaven and hell, reward and punishment Judaism, Christianity, the messiah, and the end of time were the In Persepolis- coronation/new years festival/ marriage/ death and burial. the inscriptions said: Darius and the empire stands at will of god. Ahuramazda (great god of Zoroastrianism) gave Darius kingdom and gave him the right to bring order to the world. Origins of Zoro. unknown. The gathas =Iranian hymns- work of Zoroaster (Zarathushtra) revealed the world was created by Ahuramazda (the wise lord) and was tested by Angra Mainyu (the hostile spirit) the struggle b/ w good and evil plays out for 12000 yrs. world will return to its
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APWH Notes Ch. 4 - Notes Chapter: 4 P Politics I...

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