APWH Notes Ch. 17 - Ch. 17 Maddireddy Shreya Political The...

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Ch. 17 Shreya Maddireddy
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Political Intellect Religion Art Economy Society The Columbi an Exchang e -------------------------------- --------- --------- --------- ------ ---------------------------- -- ---- ---- ---- -- -European staple crops began being grown in Americas in very short amount of time & followed by Asian & African crops -New World staples revolutionized diets & agriculture in Old World -Old World animals such as sheep were a threat to New World - Columbian Exchange refers to transfer w New & Old Worlds -Old World disease devastated New World peoples -New World lacked disease immunity b/c of isolation -most deadly early epidemic was smallpox which arrived in Caribbean in 1518 & was followed by measles, flu, etc. -deadliest form of malaria came w/ African slave trade & affected Indians and Europeans -Old World animals multiplied fast in New World because of lack of natural predators -new animals gave some good supplies of meat & hide -horse had biggest effect in New World culture Spanish America & Brazil -Spanish crown moved to stop individual power of conquistadors & have royal rule over New World - Council of Indies in Spain supervised all gov., ecclesiastical & commercial activity in colonies but power limited by geography & tech. -highest ranking Spanish officials in colonies: viceroys of New Spain & Peru -Viceroyalty of New Spain w/ capital in MX City included MC, SW US, Central America & Caribbean islands;
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APWH Notes Ch. 17 - Ch. 17 Maddireddy Shreya Political The...

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