A.E. Poem Notes

A.E. Poem Notes - Genre- a category or type of literature...

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Genre - a category or type of literature Example : novels, poems, short stories, essays (speeches), dramas/plays, screenplays Poetry - a literature from of imaginative , rhythmic expression Imaginative - in poetry/ create a clear, vivid picture Example : Scientist looks at water, he sees H2O/Poet looks at water he sees a “crystal blue mirror” Rhythmic - has a beat or noticeable sound Qualities or Characteristics Of Poetry 1. Language is shorter and more concise 2. Often has a theme or point 3. Uses more complicated, descriptive language 4. Uses a definite rhythm or sound 5. Often has a definite physical form (shape) 6. Avoids common, ordinary forms of expression *word choice VERY important 7. Uses figurative rather than literal language 8. Often has a “speaker” or “voice” 9. Meant to be read aloud 10. Speaks to your heart and soul How To Read A Poem 1. Read over 2 or more times 2. Read aloud 2 or more times 3. Look up unfamiliar words or references 4. Self-Check for understanding 5. Pay attention to punctuation/ especially ( : ) equals, that is, such as ( - ) connections, pause ( . ) end of idea 6. Paraphrase and substitute the unknown word with the known word (Oh, I get it) 7. Read it again Areas or components (parts)- 4 areas of poetry that work together to make the whole They are : content, language, form, rhythm Content - the “what” is in the poem, what is contained Two Areas : 1. Subject - the single topic/ what the poem is about
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A.E. Poem Notes - Genre- a category or type of literature...

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