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Marketing Excel Template

Marketing Excel Template - Confidential Competitive...

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12/16/2009 fa00b35d44b2e6a0645634e690c42a36d628d501.xls Confidential Page 1 Competitive Analysis [ ] This Competitive Comparison Matrix provides for a comparison of strengths and weaknesses for both you a Consider both direct and indirect competitors, inside and outside of your industry. [ ] Replace the sample data in the unprotected cells in blue with your own information. You can change the S referenced in cells A30 & A31, but do not change their purpose! If you enter text in cells B-D31 & 32, the Percent Growth formula on Line 33 will result in an error. Your Company Competitor 1 Company [Company] [Company 1] Market Perception High price/expressive Conservative/mid price Key Product [Product Name] [Product Name1] Percent of Total Sales [x]% [x]% Key Personnel President/CEO/Owner [Name] [Name] VP Finance [Name] [Name] VP Marketing [Name] [Name] VP Sales [Name] [Name] VP Product Development [Name] [Name] Number of Employees [x] [x] Financial How Held [Private/Public] [Private/Public] Shares Outstanding [# of shares/na] [# of shares/na] Recent Share Price [Price per share/na]
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