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Ruby Palace Qs - Ruby Palace Hotel Supplement David...

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1 Ruby Palace Hotel Supplement David Robinson © 2009 Instructions and Formatting You are to work on this project as a partnership of two people. In Sections with an odd number of students there can be one (and only one) three-person partnership with a concomitant expectation of effort, work load and result. Format is to be: Serif font, single-spaced within paragraphs, double-spaced between with answers properly numbered. There will be two pages of narrative, single-spaced within paragraphs, double- spaced between, with answers numbered. That is, your brief should look like this syllabus. The answers to the numbered questions should be two pages plus your answer to Question 1 will be an Excel, neatly formatted and attached as an Appendix of no more than an additional 6 pages. Put your names on the top-right of the first page. Use the Registrar’s form of your name (i.e., CLINTON,WILLIAM JEFFERSON BLYTHE, not Bill Clinto n ). Do not put on your Berkeley SID number. Writing concisely is a virtue. Repetition and rambling will lead to a low score. Laundry listing (points made in a random order) won’t earn as many points as well-organized answers. Graded out of 40, counts 10 percent of course grade, as usual. Supplement Assume that the time of the case is the summer of 1993. It is important to “stay in the time of the case”—the fact situation described in the case is fairly accurate, but you should not leap ahead to some things that we know now: For example, the Sky Train was built, and the international airport was indeed moved to a splendid new facility at Suvarnabhumi in 2006, though in best Thai style, Don Muang immediately reopened causing some confusion. Traffic is on Bangkok roads as bad as ever. For this project you are to take the role of an intern. Through family connections, the Sudlapas have
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Ruby Palace Qs - Ruby Palace Hotel Supplement David...

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