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Customer Burnout Table

Customer Burnout Table - Thought Leadership Marketing...

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Unformatted text preview: Thought Leadership Marketing Correlation Differentiated Point—of—View: Thought leadership marketers leverage their unique competencies and market perspective to distance their ideas and approaches from their competitors. Consider STSignals, the premier web design firm that has a special perspective on usability and ”defensive design”. Anyone can do a website, but no one can replicate what STSignals brings to the table. Communication: This is similar to a premium brand. Thought leadership brands want clients to draw on their published materials, attend their events and share their market memes rather than be drawn into an advertising game with competitors. Thought leaders let their ideas, actions, case studies and clients do the talking for them. 360 Degree Credibility:Thought leaders maintain their status among the ranks of the premium brands by delivering on all of their promises — ideas, solutions, service, follow— through, staying ahead of the market and doing it all in a trustworthy, transparent and “useful to the client” manner. These elements, combined with the right communication channels and a differentiated point of view, setup the thought leader for premium brand pricing. Premium Pricing: Thought leaders are able to extract a premium for their services and products due to the value—forward nature of their go—to—market strategy. Customers will likely already have derived value from their relationship with the thought leader and thus have established a higher threshold of perceived value and increased willingness to pay - regordiess of uniformity in service costs. Loyal Followers: Thought leaders acquire loyal followers {as do premium brands} even if those followers have never done business with the brand. McKinsey has thousands of loyal followers who will never hire them, but who glean insights from their work with clients willing to pay their fees and from their general published thought leadership materials. Followers of thought leaders are not actively seeking new thought leaders to follow. lnnovationfTradition: Thought leaders are nearly always considered ’innovative’, even if that innovation means upholding traditions that bring extraordinary results and viable solutions to the problems facing a client or industry. Harvard business school is a thought leader on business school curriculum, even if the most innovative curriculum is a classical methodology. ...
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