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Le Vuong - Le Vuong Bus 12 A Professor Kellogg C D Extra...

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Le Vuong Bus 12 A Professor Kellogg C D Extra Credit 9 November, 2009 Best Buy Credit Card Application Summary. APPLICANT The first line in the application is the applicant's name with 15 characters for the first name, middle initial, and 20 characters long for the last name. JOINT APPLICANT The same format applied here. SIGN HERE By signing in the box below, the applicant agree that the information entered through-out the application is to the best of the applicant knowledge, complete and accurate. The applicant also agrees to furnish all the information in the application to both Best Buy and to HSBC Bank Nevada. Privacy Statement Introduction -Our commitment to you HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. is proud to be part of a financial services organization which has been providing excellent services and products for over 150 years. The privacy Statement illustrates it commitment to the applicant's privacy and explains its privacy practices to inform its customer how it protects the use of its customers' information. How We Handle Information We Collect To provide the best services and products, HSBC collects demographic information and credit information. In some cases, it collects the information through the merchant or dealer and certain information about the internet usage when its customer uses its website. HSBC takes great care to ensure its customer information is kept safe from unauthorized access. HSBC diligently maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with the applicable laws to guard its customer private personal information and to assist it in preventing unauthorized disclosure or access to that information. How We Protect Your Privacy Online
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HSBC uses "cookies" to track activity on the website while a user accesses its website. The "cookies" will 'remember' which online service the customer last logged into, so it can be "pre- selected" that service on the next visit of that customer. Cookies do not contain any personal information. Cookies can only track a specific website and it is can't be read by any non-HSBC websites. How We Share Information within the HSBC Family of Companies HSBC may share its customer information such as name, address, phone number, social security number, and email address as well as the account balance, payment history, and parties to the transaction within the HSBC family of companies (the "Affiliates") How We Share Information with Your Merchant/Dealer HSBC will share non-public personal information with the merchant or dealer in whose the credit is issued, which the merchant/dealer may use to market HSBC's customer for products and services unrelated to HSBC's. The sharing information may come from the application and may include its customer name, address, and phone number. HSBC's customer can call the "1-800-
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