Alspaugh_Final Paper_ENG301 (88450)_Dec 2008

Alspaugh_Final Paper_ENG301 (88450)_Dec 2008 - Final...

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Final thoughts in “Writing for Professions” Written by: April Alspaugh ENG301 (88450) Final Report
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December 9, 20 Preface As a freshman entering college, I remember an NAU counselor saying I would most likely not be graduating from the career college I originally started in. Changing majors was actually, more often than not, the norm for incoming high school graduates. With that being said, I believe I have taken this statistical comment beyond what was meant by the counselor. This becomes quite clear after looking over my transcripts. When I graduated from high school, I accepted a scholarship to NAU. I began my higher education in the Fall of 1999 at NAU with an educational goal of majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Accounting. It did not take long for me to figure out I had to choose between the two because this sort of degree did not exist. I could either major in education with an “emphasis” in mathematics, or opt for a duel degree. Because all my life I wanted to teach junior high mathematics, preferably honors students, I began down this path. After only one year at NAU, I ended my relationship with the college. I gave up my scholarship and enrolled in courses at community colleges back in the valley in order to accommodate for my personal life struggles. I was insistent upon pursuing my education in spite of things. But after only one semester of general coursework for an elementary degree at the community college, I found myself entangled once again in a situation affecting my educational decisions. This time I could not just run away from my problems though; instead I decided to alter my educational goals by changing my major to Accounting beginning the Spring of 2001. My reasoning behind this abrupt change aligned better with my and my husband’s decision to start a family. I changed my career focus to accounting with the idea that I could stay home with my children while working as a CPA. I was determined to finish college no matter how long it took, even if I did have to push back my graduation to earn a degree that would better suit my situation. This, however, only lasted about one year because I began to realize I wasn’t doing as well in the accounting courses as I was in the teaching courses. By the Fall of 2002, I was extremely confused about what program I wanted to be in. But I refused to just give up my dream of earning a bachelor’s degree - partially because I knew I could be the first person in my family to accomplish this goal. I was wise enough to know I would eventually be attending ASU; so, I began to take courses I knew were required in the general studies sections of both the accountancy and educational departments at the accredited Arizona State University. After perusing both elementary and secondary educational degree programs for a few more years, earning more than 120 credits collectively, I have made my way back to the accountancy program. Taking a look at my college experience and course history, one may say I fall into
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Alspaugh_Final Paper_ENG301 (88450)_Dec 2008 - Final...

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