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MUS 354 ELVIS PRESLEY (Online Learning) #75466 - FALL 2009 SYLLABUS I: Instructor / Assistant / Computer Support Mike Shellans, Instructor, handles lecture materials, course, exam and topic assignment content questions and reviews, and make-up essay exams (not grade reports or computer resets). Please email him at [email protected] for assistance. Because this class is fully online, and does not meet live, no on-campus office hours are held. Please email for assistance. Bea Gerber, Teaching Assistant, handles all paperwork including signatures and written grade reports. Please email her at [email protected] for assistance. Prof. Shellans and Computer Support personnel will also monitor this address. The Herberger College of the Arts Distance Learning department (Computer Support) handles all computer-related issues and technical questions including test resets and grade compilation. Computer Support can only be contacted via email, not in person or by phone, at [email protected] for technical assistance. Prof. Shellans and Ms. Gerber cannot answer computer-related or technical questions. Please contact Computer Support with all questions in that area. To request academic accommodations due to a disability; please contact the ASU Disability Resource Center (Phone: (480) 965-1234; TDD: (480) 965- 9000) before starting the course and prior to contacting the instructor or staff. This is a very important step, as accommodations cannot be made once an exam has been taken. If you have a letter from their office indicating that you have a disability which requires academic accommodations, please scan and email the letter to [email protected] or fax to 480/965-2659, attn: Bea Gerber no later than the end of the first week of the semester. If you qualify as a DRC student, please contact Computer Support immediately regarding any necessary online accommodations. No special accommodations can be given without prior official DRC documentation. II: Technical Minimums Because this course is entirely delivered via the Internet, you are responsible for making sure that the computer you use to access all course materials meets or exceeds the specified computer minimum qualifications as listed on the course web site. Also, due to the high media content of this course, you will be required to set up and configure a media player that will consistently
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play the mp3 files and the mp4 digital clips delivered via the course web site. If your computer breaks at any time during the semester, it is your responsibility to locate Internet access for all lectures, assignments, and exams. You are highly encouraged not to enroll, or to drop immediately, if you do not have computer experience, if you are not willing or prepared to assume the added responsibility of a computer-based course, or if you plan to be away from a computer site for an extended period of time during the semester. Necessary required skills include downloading mp3 audio files as well as digital video clips, surfing the net, conferring via email, and other
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syllabus - MUS 354 ELVIS PRESLEY(Online Learning#75466 FALL...

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