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WPC394 Online class notes

WPC394 Online class notes - her name is Danie Washburn 4 IN...

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Today's Assignment: 1. Identify the problems associated with your theme. 2. Identify data that comes from research. 3. Identify several experts who you could contact to interview about your topic. Alyssa A. Wolfe: Jaquie Tood was the woman I know from LSS Alyssa A. Wolfe: Arne Duncan was the man thats gave the lecture about fixing education Cherie Raeth: Jennifer Corbett - Special education teacher Melissa Lien 2: my friend who wants to be a teacher is Stephanie Stark - shes in the education program at ASU Alyssa A. Wolfe: I have a friend who just started teaching this year, graduated from NAU last semester. I could talk to her and see if she has anything that she feels unprepared for -
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Unformatted text preview: her name is Danie Washburn 4. IN TOKBOX: Begin brainstorming connections, possible solutions. At end of Tokbox session, you must create a PDF of your conversation and email that to us at [email protected] **By the end of today's class at 3 pm, please submit your answers to the above questions to me at [email protected], either as an email or a Google doc, including all team members' names. Please use the whiteboard to collaborate, or use Tokbox.com to edit documents simultaneously. no constant training no training for learning styles evaluation needs improvement no field training no specialized training per grade level wanting to teach...
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