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FINAL EXAM Innovation – WPC 394: Creativity and Jason Bronowitz, Fall 2009 Final Exam: Friday, December 11, 2009, 9:50 ­ 11:40 am, CPCOM 120 PART 1 – TEAM COMPONENT – YOUTUBE VIDEO (will be shown in class on 12/4) PART 2 – TEAM COMPONENT – EDUCATION BRIEFING (at final exam) minute presentation at final exam, presented as recommendations to faculty and administrators rom the College of Education. 5 f ART 3 – TEAM COMPONENT – VENTURE PITCH (at final exam)* P 5 minute presentation at final exam, presented to potential funders for your venture. Do not let the following limit your creativity. Addressing these questions only will not earn you a success ut please be sure that you at least address the following essenti ful grade on your team pitch, b al questions in your pitch presentation. w this? Who is your target customer? What demand exists for your product/service? How do you kno How is your product/service different than the competition? What is your business model? How will you sell your product?
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Unformatted text preview: *all team members must be present for this pitch – if you have a documented time conflict, as a group, you may decide to resent on: p Monday, December 14, 6-8 pm, CPCOM 120 Wednesday, December 16, 12:10-2 pm, CPCOM 120 PART 4 – INDIVIDUAL COMPONENT – INFLUENCE – due Tuesday, December 15 by 5 pm Submit electronically to [email protected] AND [email protected] , or schedule an appointment with Jason (through [email protected] , 480 ­ 884 ­ 1522) to turn in in ­ person. Identify the inventor, entrepreneur or leader who you feel had the biggest impact on society. What enabled this person to have so much influence? What was this person’s motivation and passion? Show how the world might have been different without this person’s influence. Format: anything but a written paper, but you must include a one‐page appendix with citations. You must visit the ASU library and use at least two hard‐copy books, plus any online resources....
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