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Application Essay Assignment - COM250:Spring2009...

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COM 250: Spring 2009 Application Essay Assignment The main purpose of this assignment is to thoughtfully and critically analyze an  organizational communication process with which you are familiar using the theoretical  concepts addressed in class discussions and your text.  In other words, you are being  asked to apply a theory to a “real world” organization. This short essay (4-5 double-spaced pages) is comprised of four interrelated  elements.  First,  describe  the organizational process or event you will be analyzing.  Choose a  specific  process or event to analyze (e.g., a team-building event, or the method  you learned to bus tables, greet customers, or handle phone complaints at your  organization).  Your description will have more impact if you can provide specific  examples to illustrate your process.  Second, briefly  explain
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This note was uploaded on 12/16/2009 for the course COM 250 taught by Professor Trethewey during the Spring '09 term at ASU.

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Application Essay Assignment - COM250:Spring2009...

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