Time management is essential for any student if one is to be successful

Time management is essential for any student if one is to be successful

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Eduardo Solano Aim High, Just Not Too High Organization is essential for any scholar, if they are to be successful. This is a statement that remains engrained on the everyday thoughts of most college students. It is reinforced when undergrads listen to their parents, their instructors, and even their first day of orientation. The first couple of days of college, regardless of year, prepare the students for the coming educational experience. In many students’ classes they are given syllabi to abide by and numerous courses state that the syllabi are considered formal contracts to course. Their instructor explains to them the rules of the class and how to be successful in the course. Some lecturers strongly believe that 100% of all learning takes place outside of the class room while others promote attending class is the most effective way of learning. During the first week of school, Arizona State University hands out free pencils, folders, paper, and notebooks to any student that happens to walk by. Also, there are many posters all along the campus that have advertisements stating “Want to cut your study time in half?” and “If you want to do great in class call…” The first week of school formulates different ways to systematize their students. The method that the university uses in order to impose organization on its students would resemble the human relations approach. There are many factors of being a student and these factor mirror the human relations approach. For example, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, is possibly the most obvious that every student strives for, but there are also the ideas that Hawthorne introduced to the world of organizational
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communication. These approaches to the human relation theories are shown through all scholars and they are learned from their organizations, their parents and themselves. First, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is the best way to define a college student, especially a freshman. According to the hierarchy one must fulfill their basic physiological needs first such as getting food, water, sleep, breathing, homeostasis and other initial requirements for survival. These needs are quickly realized before school even starts by reserving a dorm room and acquiring a meal plan. Safety is the next idea
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Time management is essential for any student if one is to be successful

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