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Desired Enticement Through the Forces of Nature Time has changed the face of corporations whether it involves becoming environmentally inclined or complicating the idea of what it means to be a successful business. Starbucks is a large corporation with a set of values that encompasses bettering mankind and the environment. They pride themselves on treating their employees “like family”. The Starbucks corporation has a culture all its own; not only does it affect the workplace, but at the same time it affects the community. Starbucks has integrated itself into pop culture as well as becoming an international staple. The Starbucks Company looks “to inspire and nurture the human spirit; one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.” (Citation needed, Starbuck’s model) Starbucks carries their mission statements out by focusing on their coffee, partners, customers, stores, neighborhood and shareholders. Even though Starbucks has listed these in a certain order, we feel that there is a different hierarchy. We feel that Starbuck’s shareholders would be the ones that come first, since they are the financers of the company. Second on the list would be the product, which is the coffee. Third, would be the customer, because they would be the revenue for the company. The fourth would be stores; these are classified as long-term assets for the company. The fifth would be the neighborhood which is a public relations aspect. A good way to advertise for the firm is a good public image, which Starbucks has based their principals on. The sixth item on the list would be partners, otherwise known as the employees. Even though Starbucks knows an invaluable employee is a customer oriented employee, they are seen on the balance sheet as a cost to the company. An employee would be a liability or a fixed cost to the firm, thereby placing them at the bottom of the hierarchy list. The sad truth of employee placement is the fact that it is simply business. 1
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Schein defines the culture of a social group, such as Starbucks, as the following: a pattern of shared basic assumptions that the group learned as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration, that has worked well enough to be considered valid, and, therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think and feel in relation to those problems.(Miller “#”) Schein’s definition focuses on group phenomenon and the human need for stability, meaning, and consistency. Schein also obverses culture as something that is difficult to change once established and they are established through a trial and error period, as trials arrive. In addition,
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Transitions_word - 1 Desired Enticement Through the Forces...

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