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Chapter 10 - Chapter 10 Chapter Change and Leadership...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 Chapter Change and Leadership Change Processes in Organizations Processes Organizational Change Processes Organizational Models of Organizational Change Models – Natural life cycle – Planned change – Managing change processes Reactions to Organizational Change – Change “schemata” – Problems in change processes Lack of management support Top managers forcing change Inconsistent action by key managers Lack of meaningful participation Poor communication Purpose of program was not clear Responsibility for change not properly identified Organizational Change Processes Organizational – Reactions to Change Ownership tensions Resistance Uncertainty Communication in the Change Process – To whom? How? What should be To communicated? communicated? Organizational Change Processes Organizational Managerial Strategies for Communicating Managerial Change Change – – – – – Spray and Pray Tell and Sell Underscore and Explore Identify and Reply Withhold and Uphold Employee Strategies “Unplanned” Change: Organiational Crisis – Precrisis, crisis, postcrisis Organizational Leadership Organizational Models of Leadership – Trait theories – Style theories – Contingency theory – Transformational leadership model exemplification Communication and Leadership Communication The “What” of Leadership Communication – Visionary leaders The “How” of Leadership Communication – Timing, delivery, framing – Tools for Framing Metaphors, jargon, contrast, spin, stories ...
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