Classical Approaches 2009

Classical approaches 2009

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Unformatted text preview: Classical Approaches Classical Taylor, Weber and Taylor, Fayol Fayol The Machine Metaphor The of Organizing of Specialization Standardization Replaceability Predictability/Control Classical Approaches: Classical Taylor’s Scientific Taylor’s Management Management Principles of Scientific Principles Management Management There is one best way to do There every Time and motion studies Time Proper selection of workers Proper training of workers There is an inherent There difference between management and workers management Scientific Management Today Scientific -- “McDonaldization” - Effeciency, Calculability, Effeciency, Predictability, Control (Ritzer, 1995) 1995) Braverman’s Critique of Scientific Management Management Scientific Management Scientific is About Controlling Labor Labor Disassociation Disassociation of the labor process from the skills of the worker skills Separation of Separation conception from execution of work execution Use of monopoly Use knowledge to control each step of labor process process Classical Approaches: Classical Weber’s Bureaucracy Weber and Bureaucracy Bureaucrats have no sense of humor! The “...
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