312 SYL 09

312 SYL 09 - CONFLICT NEGOTIATION COM 312 MW 3:30 to 4:45...

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CONFLICT & NEGOTIATION COM 312 MW, 3:30 to 4:45 p.m. Social Science 105 Line #25245, Spring 2009 Instructor: Dr. Janet L. Jacobsen Office: Stauffer 474 Office Hours: Tues., Thurs. 3:15-4:15 p.m. And by appointment. Virtual office hours: Tues., 10-11 p.m. PHONE (during Office Hours ONLY ): 480-965-7060 E-mail: [email protected] ( Note spelling : s-E-n!) Teaching Assistant: Alice Veksler Office: Center for Family Studies (CFS) Building (directly east of Architecture), Room 201 Office Hours: 5-6:30 pm Wed., 3-4:30 pm Thurs. And by appointment. PHONE (during Office Hours ONLY ): 480-727-9872 E-mail: [email protected] When sending an email, include your course number (312) in the subject line . Plan ahead and be patient: It will probably take more than 24 hours for us to get back to you. If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours (longer on weekends), assume that your email was not received and try again. READINGS: Text: Competence in Interpersonal Conflict , by William R. Cupach and Daniel J. Canary. Waveland Press, 1997/2000. Other sources (such as hand-outs, online academic articles, and website references) will also be part of your readings. Course Description: This course examines the nature of interpersonal conflict, how it occurs, and how to manage it. This is very much an applied communication class; it combines lecture, discussion and activities to focus on how you can translate communication research into knowledge and skills that can influence the quality of your relationships now and in the future. CLASS OBJECTIVES: The focus of this class will be on the development of critical thinking and general skills related to conflict and negotiation. You will 1. increase your knowledge and understanding of the many aspects of interpersonal conflict. 2. enhance your appreciation of the complex nature of relationships, especially your own relationships. 3. improve your ability to critically and creatively apply communication skills in your daily life. 4. increase your critical thinking skills. We hold these truths to be self-evident. .....
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1. You will at all times be prepared for class. The interactive nature of this class means any failure to prepare will impact everyone in the class, not just the student who is unprepared. My expectations are high in this regard. 2. You are here to learn and will focus all of your attention on the class during all of each session. ALL electronic devices must be turned off . This includes laptops. No cellphones or variations thereof; no iPods, or variations thereof; NO electronic devices should be in use in any way during class. 3. You will respect that your classmates are here to learn. When the instructor is speaking, you should not be speaking, in this or any other class. Even if you are not interested in what is being said, you have classmates who are.
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312 SYL 09 - CONFLICT NEGOTIATION COM 312 MW 3:30 to 4:45...

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