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COM 430 Leadership 04

COM 430 Leadership 04 - Introduction to Leadership Concepts...

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6/7/2009 1 Chapter 4: Attending to Tasks & Relationships Introduction to Leadership Concepts and Practice by Peter G. Northouse 1 © Dr. Edward Palazzolo Discussion Questions • What are some of the tasks you must attend to as a leader? • Does that impact your ability to handle relationships? • Do you spend more time on tasks or dealing with relational issues when you lead? Why? © 2009 SAGE 2 © Dr. Edward Palazzolo © 2009 SAGE Personal Style • We all have unique habits regarding our balance of work and play • We have similarly unique balances of task- and relationship-oriented behaviors • All of us exhibit a blend of both task & relationship behaviors in leadership, but most prefer one style over the other 3 © Dr. Edward Palazzolo
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6/7/2009 2 Task Task-Oriented Style Oriented Style • Task-oriented people are goal oriented • They want to achieve • Their work is where they find meaning • Reaching a goal is a positive expression of who they are © 2009 SAGE 4 © Dr. Edward Palazzolo © 2009 SAGE Relationship Relationship-Oriented Style
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