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3100_assign6_prob - Dclhousie University Department of...

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Unformatted text preview: _ Dclhousie University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECED 3100 Electromechanics Assignment? " Instructor: T. A. Little Due Nov 203 Consider an elementary dotiny excited msgnetiotield system. such as the one shown in Figure SEA. The stator and rotor indttctences are given by It.“I = {2'35 + fl.15cos26'; Ln. = I145 + fl.15cos2£; Ln. = {13 cos B lctbothwindiogscsrryccnnstsntcttrrcntoflit. s. Cslcclstetiietornoewhend =45“. 1 J] h. Iftlterotortnovesslowljrftomli=9ftofl=mfind {1} diewotkdone {2] tl:tt.-.cl'sn:tgcinstoredone-rmIr [3] tl'teeleco'icclinpnt c. Hmerotorrotetecstespecdofiflflredfswidiconstsntwindingccrtentsof1A,detenninettiegenetsted cntfse,cnde,ctflicinstsntwhenfl =45“. The flux-density distribution produced in sirpole synchronous generator by an sc-eitcited field winding is 31:33] E Bmsintcltoosd Fmdthenstorenfthesmmnnesolugeinducedinan-tcrncoilifmerotortorfieldjrotstesetoilrsdisi Commentonthespecialceseot1=oi1=te. 2) Coglsider the rectangular coil FEES shown in Figure Pit—52. moving in the .r-directinn in the .ry-plme with s it octtsr U :3th in s trawling-wave mopeds field disc-ihution given by the flux density function 4) directedinflles-directionpcrpcndicclcrtothepisneofdsecoilDeterminethetotelioducedtroltege, it. By the method of relative velocity. b. By applying Forsdsy's law of induction. FlnurcPs-oz ...
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