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ERE Reading Outlines 23:14 Chapter 1:  Changing Perspectives on the Environment Chapter Focus Questions o What major environmental issues do we face in the twenty-first century? o How can economics help us understand these issues? o How do economic and ecological perspectives differ, and how can we  combine them to address environmental issues? Economics and the Environment o EPA created in 1970 to respond to air and water pollution concern o Awareness has risen over the past 40 years regarding the environment o However, the level of awareness and action has not been commensurate  with the state of the global environment today, so it continues to  deteriorate. o
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ERE Reading Outlines 23:14 Chapter 2:  Resources, Environment, and Economic Development Chapter Focus Questions o What is the relationship between economic growth and the environment?
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ERE Reading Outlines - EREReadingOutlines 23:14

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