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Unformatted text preview: AEM 2500: Environmental and Resource Economics, Fall 2009 Prof. Gregory L. Poe Suggestions for Term Papers 0. Paper proposal due October 26 : Provide me with a topic, a brief abstract of what you are planning to do with specific focus on the economic concepts/foundations you might utilize, and a list of (at least two) sources that you will be drawing from. References to sources should be to the actual paper or document that you are drawing from (name of author, title of paper etc.) rather than a listing of some web site. Keep your proposal to 1 page single spaced (space between paragraphs – like this page). The final paper is due the last day of class, December 4 by 3:00 P.M. Late papers will not be accepted. All proposals and papers must be submitted physically rather than electronically. The October 26 proposals will receive a score of up to 2 points or “revise and resubmit”. Those abstracts receiving a revise and resubmit will have five business days to resubmit for a score. The maximum score on Revise and Resubmits (R&R) is 1.5. Late abstracts will be evaluated but will receive a score of zero. Proposals without any references will automatically be given an R&R. without any references will automatically be given an R&R....
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