BIOPL Study - BIODIVERSITY Study Notes Human Contributions...

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BIODIVERSITY Study Notes Human Contributions to extinction of species : Habitat Loss, Invasive Species, Pollution, Climate Change, Hunting Invasive Species Introduced to an environment that is not natural and changes the ecosystem and has no natural predators Instrumental value Human centered. Utilitarian Uses/Non Utilitarian Uses Intrinsic Value Inherent Value, unrelated to humans Species Richness Number of Species in an Area; Species/area curve Species Abundance Relative numbers of species/relative abundance Community Edges Are edges of a “patch” (habitat) Most species rich environments: Coral reefs Equator Deep-sea areas Indicator species Early warning of damage to an ecosystem (i.e. Birds- tend to respond quickly to change; Decline in songbird population indicative of habitat loss; Decline in trout species, amphibians indicative of water pollution) Keystone species Play pivotal role in the structure and function of an ecosystem; interaction with other species effect health and survival of this species and they process materials out of proportion to numbers or biomass Minimum viable population: Smallest number of individuals necessary to ensure population survival in a region for a specific time period. Most indicate a few thousand individuals are necessary for survival beyond a few decades Minimum Dynamic Area Minimum area of suitable habitat needed to maintain MVP (i.e. Most small animals require 100—1000 square km and 50 grizzly bears require 49,000 square km) Three types of extinction Local Extinction: Species no longer found in an area, but still exists globally Ecological Extinction: So few remaining members of a species exist, it no longer plays a
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BIOPL Study - BIODIVERSITY Study Notes Human Contributions...

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