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Bio Pl 240 Sample Questions- Global Climate Change 1. The earth and moon receive the same amount of the sun’s energy, yet the earth is on average 50° C. warmer than the moon. This is due to the Greenhouse Effect. Briefly explain what the Greenhouse Effect is, and why it results in warming of the earth. Visible light (short wavelength) comes in through the atmosphere from the sun and heat is radiated back out (as “Far” Infrared Radiation, long wavelengths) which most is then trapped in the atmosphere; Gases in the atmosphere let UV/visible light in and traps most Infrared Radiation in the atmosphere so it heats up the earth (When natural, it is good, but what we are doing to increase the greenhouse effect is bad)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Actual observations of Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are about half of the expected levels, based on fossil fuel emissions. What are two possible places the “missing” Carbon dioxide may be accumulating? Terrestrial Plants Soils Deep ocean waters and ocean sediments 3 List 2 methods used by paleo-climatologists to determine past climate conditions. By analyzing the carbon dioxide levels of gas bubbles in ice and/or sediment. Tree rings, analyzing sea levels in the past Oxygen isotopes 4. Considering the global carbon cycle, what are two processes that are involved in adding Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere? Respiration and the burning of fossil fuels...
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