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Apopulationforanumberofgenerations basedon

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Unformatted text preview: imum Dynamic Area Minimum area of suitable habitat needed to maintain MVP Most small animals require 100—1000 square km 50 grizzly bears­ 49,000 square km Population Viability Analysis Population Viability Analysis Risk assessment model predicting viability of a population for a number of generations Based on: current resource needs and habitat conditions Genetic variability Reproduction rate Interaction with other species Types of Extinction Types of Extinction Local Extinction­ Species no longer found in an area, but still exists globally Ecological Extinction­ so few remaining members of a species exist, it no longer plays a role in ecosystem Biological Extinction­ Species no longer found Species Prone to Extinction Species Prone to Extinction Low reproductive rate Specialized niche Narrow distribution Fixed migratory patterns Commercially Valuable Require large territories Factors Leading to Decline in Factors Leading to Decline in Species Environmental Stress Large Environmental Disturbance Extreme Environmental Conditions Resource Limitations Invasive non­native species Geographic Isolation...
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