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Unformatted text preview: Bio Pl 2400 Bio Green World/Blue Planet Dr. Tom Silva Dr. Office: 215 Plant Science Bldg. Email: ts21@cornell.edu Goal of This Course Goal Review the science behind three current Review topics of debate topics Discuss these topics and how they are Discuss presented and perceived by the popular press press Form opinions based on sound reasoning Topics Covered Topics Genetic Engineering Climate Change Biodiversity Lecture and Discussion Lecture and Discussion Sections are designed to break the class into smaller groups to facilitate discussion. Topics covered in class as well articles from the mainstream media will be discussed in section. Written assignments and article critiques will be part of discussion as well. Evaluation Evaluation Three in class Quizzes (exams), one on Three each topic, each Based on scientific topics covered in class Each worth 25% of course grade Evaluation Evaluation Discussion section is worth 25% of course Discussion grade as well grade Based on writtten assignments, attendance Based and participation. and Grading: 3 quizzes 25% each x 3 = 75% Discussion Section = 25% The Blackboard website for the course provides the lecture schedule provides There is no text for the course Relevant materials will be placed on the site Relevant as well, or on reserve in Mann Library as Material on Blackboard is not a substitute for Material attending lecture! attending Should I Be Here? Should This class is designed for non- science This majors majors Others are welcome as well The goal is to give enough detail to help you The understand the subjects and form educated opinions. educated If you need extra help- Please ask! Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering Are GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) safe? Are the techniques by which they are created Are safe? safe? Are they necessary/ what are potential benefits pf Are gene modification? gene What are the techniques used to alter the genome What of an organism? of Climate Change Climate Climate Change Climate Is climate change really happening? Can we prove that human activity has or will Can lead to climate change? lead Can we predict how the climate will change Can globally? globally? What can be done to slow climate change? Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse Effect Biodiversity Biodiversity Biodiversity Biodiversity What is the value of biodiversity? Why is biodiversity declining? How can conservation be promoted? Is saving biodiversity worth economic costs? Amazon Rainforest cleared For Agriculture Clear cut forest in Oregon Polar Bears Southern Gastric Brooding Frog ...
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