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1999 1 - B D,‘ lite-3v LE“ oC-U" Q“...

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Unformatted text preview: B D ,. ,‘ lite-3v: LE“ oC-U: " Q“, 6403“" ( {2:35; ‘5‘qu 3 C (:9 3‘— Use your 8-digit person numberI leave the last (9th) space blank. For the multiple choice questions, select the one best answer. (2.5 points each) If you change an answer, be certain to erase the original bubble completely. ' 1. Medicinal chemists @discover design & synthesize drugs wadesign & make drug dosage forms, e. 9 tablets. .cli are inorganic chemists by training. d} primarily study the effects of drugs in the body. e) a & c For questions 2 & 3. select the appropriate person and enter the appropriate letter on the bubble sheet. a) Friedrich Wohler- b) Friedrich Sertumer c) John Abel d) Paul Ehrlich, e) Wlliam withering ' L2, ‘5» “3.2 N1: 2-. The German pharmacist who was the first person to publish on the isolation of a pure drug from plants. - 3. His statement of the principles of chemotherapy included the ideas that ‘ I chemotherapeUtic drugs would have relatively low molecular weights (compared to proteins) and would act directly on parasites. 4. In the U.S. resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs is especially a problem When? treating infections caused by a) molds. I 7», 4-0. d) protozoans, e. g. malarial parasites. e) a .8‘ c ' 5. Examples of classes of drugs that are made by plants are 4' a) alkaloids, e.g. codeine. ab) purines. e.g. theophylline and caffeine. 6*- c) cardiac glycosides (steroidal sugars), e.g. digoxin 6. Compared to the solubility of alkaloids in water, the solubility of alkaloid salts such as alkaloid nitrates. sulfates, and hydrochlorides is a) less _ @Qreater ‘HQ ! HS ”L5“ c) not affected because alkaloids do not form salts with acids . . . a”. i -. I .. Medicma Chemistry31‘l i" an .e '" 17.; _. ‘7‘“? October 5, 1999 Student No. l Lien—‘53 2 2 , Examination #1 Him-,1 K‘U'fi‘sg‘ a, Firéz-zcat. HAL/1&7 ...
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