sample3 - a keratin b beta-adenine c alpha-epoxy nutrimine...

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Study Aids Final Exam – Fall 2009 Sample Questions 1. A Devonian lobe-fin fish arm has an upper arm bone (humerus) and two forearm bones (radius and ulna), as well as wrist bones, that are similar to the arrangement of bones seen in ___________________. a. tetrapods b. ray-finned fishes c. sharks, rays, and skates d. seastars 2. One major difference between the biphasic life history patterns of salamanders and frogs, is that salamanders have ________________________. a. amplexus b. internal fertilization c. external fertilization d. no males 3. The _________________ were one of the major Mesozoic radiations, characterized by a skull having no temporal openings, and are represented today by only the turtles. a. synapsids b. diapsids c. archosaurians d. anapsids 4. The _____________ membrane forms the “pond” or fluid-filled cavity within amniotic eggs. a. yolk sac b. chorion c. amnion d. allantois 5. The protein ____________ is found in the skin of Amniote animals.
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Unformatted text preview: a. keratin b. beta-adenine c. alpha-epoxy nutrimine d. tetrahemoglobin 6. ________________ is a 147 million year-old relative of modern birds. a. Archaeopteryx b. Pangolin c. Gannet d. Nightjays 7. A ________________ skull has movable joints which enables squamate reptiles better mechanics to seize and manipulate their prey. a. rigid b. kinetic c. greatly ossified d. heavily armored 8. Which two animal taxa are the most closely related? a. Mysticetes and Odontocetes b. Gymnophiona and Tuatara c. Monotremata and Aves d. Anura and Squamata e. Crocodylia and Artiodactyla 9. The barren-ground caribou of Canada and Alaska undertake a mass ________________ twice annually. Study Aids Final Exam – Fall 2009 a. tundra competition b. birthing event c. death d. migration 10. Bats, birds, and insects have all evolved ____________________. a. complete metamorphosis b. exoskeleton c. viviparous reproductive mode d. powered flight...
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sample3 - a keratin b beta-adenine c alpha-epoxy nutrimine...

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