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Assignment for Monday, September 28 General rules for the allowance of business deductions; Sole Proprietorships; Limitations on deductions; Timing of deductions Scheduled Professor: Will PRE-CLASS ASSIGNMENT 1. Read Pratt, pp. 8-14(beginning at Home Office) through 8-32; skim remainder of Chapter 8; skim, pp. 7-26(beginning at Limitations) through 7-43; Read pp. 10-1 through 10-8;10-14 (beginning at Net Operating Loss) through 10-20. 2. Bring your Pratt book to class today.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Print out and bring an Internal Group Evaluation Form to class. TO BE HANDED IN: Do the following homework problems IN YOUR EXTERNAL GROUPS. THEY ARE TO BE HANDED IN BY YOUR EXTERNAL GROUP (ONE for each group). Please have any narrative typed. Please make sure that the copy is dark enough to easily read and include the names and Internal group numbers of all group members. 1. Pratt, Chapter 7, problem 60...
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