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Assignment for Monday, October 19 Receivables Scheduled Professor: Bob Read and be prepared to discuss in class: 1. Spiceland, Chapter 7 and appendix. 2. Bring your Spiceland and Needles books to class today. 3. Peregrine Systems case (work on this with your External groups and come to class ready to share your solution with the class). 4. Review the information on Peregrine systems from “High Profile Accounting Frauds.” Do the following homework problems IN YOUR EXTERNAL GROUPS. THEY ARE TO BE HANDED IN BY YOUR EXTERNAL GROUP (ONE for each group). Please have any narrative typed. Please make sure that the copy is dark enough to easily read and include the names and Internal group numbers of all group members. 1. Spiceland, Case 7-3. 2. By 10:00 p.m. October 26, you need to send an e-mail, to the mentor assigned to your Internal group ASKING A QUESTION ABOUT ACCTG 321, OR AN SDSU ACCOUNTING ORGANIZATION, OR PLACEMENT.
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Unformatted text preview: YOUR E-MAIL MUST BE PERSONALIZED (i.e., WE ALWAYS WANT TO KNOW WHO THE E-MAIL IS FROM). A Properly personalized e-mail submitted by the deadline, to the correct mentor, is worth +10 points. Proper personalization means that BOTH YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAMES are part of the personalization (i.e., the "FROM" at the top of the e-mail). Your e-mail should be of the form: X (Mentor's name): Hello! My question is (and state your question). E-mails which are not properly personalized and submitted by the deadline to the correct mentor will receive NEGATIVE 20 POINTS per CALENDAR DAY until this assignment is completed properly. You have not completed the assignment until you receive an e-mail from the mentor answering your question and stating that you successfully completed the assignment and earned your 10 points. Other problems you may want to work: 1. Spiceland, P7-4, P7-5, and Case 7-6....
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