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Bact_Operons - and occasionally turned OFF(generally...

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Regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes Turning genes on and off Gene expression: The process of transcribing a gene to ultimately synthesis a protein. Bacteria have to compete for nutrients. To conserve energy, they regulate the expression of their genes. Some genes are usually OFF and occasionally turned ON. (generally involved in metabolic pathways that breakdown nutrients for energy and to provide a source of key ingredients like carbon or nitrogen) Some genes are usually ON
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Unformatted text preview: and occasionally turned OFF. (generally involved in synthetic pathways) Others are left on permanently - (Constitutive) . Operons In prokaryotes genes involved in the same metabolic (synthetic or breakdown) pathway are frequently arranged adjacent to another so that they can all be transcribed together to produce a single mRNA. A group of genes that are transcribed as a single mRNA transcript is called an operon. Operons are not usually found in eukaryotic cells....
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