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Difficulties associated with fighting HIV Background Immune system is directed against two targets: a) Intact viruses in body fluids - the viruses are enveloped by antibodies (specific for proteins on the exterior of virus) and targeted for destruction. b) Cells infected by viruses - these display fragments of viral proteins on the cell surface which targets the cells for destruction. Problems 1) Latency - Integrated HIV DNA is not recognized by I.S. (unlike intact viruses).
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Unformatted text preview: HIV infected cells evade I.S. if cells are not actively producing HIV proteins. 2) HIV invades Helper T cells which are cells used to activate both types of immune response (a and b above). 3) Reverse Transcriptase is error prone and readily produces mutations -these lead to changes in the amino acid seq. of external viral proteins which are no longer well recognized by antibodies in the I.S. so new antibodies have to be made. Takes about a week....
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