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Saturday July 2

Saturday July 2 - Sat with Lewisin the dining saloon until...

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Saturday July 2 This day has been the counterpart of yesterday and worse as we are weaker. Had dreadful headache all day. Took some ale and ice and __________ a small piece of ham for breakfast. Rain is falling again. Stayed in the upper saloon. Mrs. Morris finally gave me a little iced champagne and the stewardess brought ___________ soup at dinner time. Most of the passengers were very sick. After supper, the ladies made a great effort to overcome _________ and eat in the cabin and practiced lines for the Sabbath and it was delightful dining away the sense of discomfort.
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Unformatted text preview: Sat with Lewisin the dining saloon until near 11 o’ clock. At 10 ½ o clock they gave notice of time to clean the room. Several of the passengers were mixing whisky slings and Lewis ordered one. We took a weak one between us just as we went to bed. We were both so exhausted that it was queite refreshing. We have run 12 knots an hour today. About 13 ½ miles. The best speed yet. 290 miles today. 1838 miles from New York. 1170 miles from Glasgow. Another uncomfortable night....
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