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Sabbath July 3rd

Sabbath July 3rd - perfection of ocean sailing This was...

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Sabbath July 3 rd Bright and beautiful. Everything is changed. The sun has brought healing in his wings. We have all been out – walling or sitting in the sun and the change has given ______ to everything. At 11 o clock, the bell called us down to church. Rev ______________, a young minister from Roele Island preached from Romans ______. So then every one of us shall give an account of himself to _________. He is an earnest man still a student. Mr. Giles played the accompaniment and we had fine music. After server we sat on the deck enjoying the blue sky, the fleecy clouds and the deep blue ocean with its ceaseless play of white crested waves. Not a vessel was to be seen, our route is to them. Our vessel is 2195 tons __________ and rides the waves nobly. We have sails up and a fine wind and this is the
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Unformatted text preview: perfection of ocean sailing. This was called by a number 7 wind. These are classed from 1-11 which latter is a hurricane. We could see vessels from 15 to 20 miles distance which is about the usual range at sea. Captain [Thomdike], a retired sea captain, who has sailed for 30 years upon the Pacific Ocean, told us that he had sighted Juan __________ which has high land upon it at 75 miles distance.He has touched at the island 2 or 3 times and gave us an interesting account of a voyage round the ______ from New Orleans to San Francisco in a vessel of 300 _________ in 159 days. His shp sometimes occupies 280 days. His vessel was so small ____________ and so few hands were required, that the profits on the cargo were very large....
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