Perkins (Dexter) Papers

Perkins (Dexter) Papers - x 1951 The Yale Review 1953...

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D.73 Perkins (Dexter) Papers Box 3 Date Title Already Catalogued 1937 The Constitution and the American Spirit 1937 The Love of Knowledge, the Guide of Life At off site location 1939 Bulletin of the Robert Morris Associates 1941 Fundamental Principles of American Foreign Policy 1944 The State Department Speaks 1946 Woodrow Wilson: An Interpretation X 1947 Geographical Influences in American History 1947-53 Salzburg and Understanding 1949 The Memoirs of Cordell Hull 1950 PMLA 1951 Headline Series- The Story of US Foreign Policy
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Unformatted text preview: x 1951 The Yale Review 1953 Reprint from The Diplomats 1919-1939 1953 Reprint from The Diplomats 1919-1939 1953 Reprint from The Diplomats 1919-1939 1956 The Perkins Lectures 1957 The American Way X 1957 We Shall Gladly Teach X 1960 The Satisfactions of a Teacher of History X 1960 Wells Express 1963 The Monroe Doctrine X 1964 Newspaper articles 1964 Official Program of the Steuben Society 1969 The Review of Politics 1973-74 American Academy of Arts and Sciences Records...
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