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And from thence to ascend the _______ to a [larger] which is some 70 miles from Moville as the mouth and the bay at the head and which London day is outdated. The Irish wash, which we [started] first, is rocky and the hills treetop bleak and sterile. We saw no cultivation except here and there for a number of miles. Near the light house we saw the first ruin, that of a [green] castle said [Shane] been the stronghold of the 6 Neils. It was small, near the shore and its walls covered with ivy. At Moville the passengers for Derry were landed upon a tug and we turned back into the sea and followed the Irish coast. At the
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Unformatted text preview: distance of ten or fifteen miles from Moville he ______ the Giants Causeway at the distance of a mile and saw the formation of [wall with the natured bye?] and quite distantly with opera glasses. It is not particularly remarkable. Ive a six ________ in a high bluff of basaltic rock, side to side, made up the spectacle. The ______ were but a four foot deep and it was difficult to see anything from the ship that might be called a causeway....
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