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Diary Continuation

Diary Continuation - Friday July 1 A stormy sick day Threw...

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Thursday June 30 Awoke with headache and feel listless. Lewis came in our room early feeling somewhat sick and laid in my berth until lunch time. Lemmie and I sat in the dining room reading and writing. All on board were more or less sick and the very atmosphere was doleful. I tried to forget the discomfort by perusing the pages of Old Mortality Before Lunch time, the waiters put the butters on the dining table where they remained until we reached the sight of land. At noon we had made 266 miles, 1266 miles from New York and 1742 miles still from Glasgow. The sea is somewhat rough buy we have clear sun and no fog and are now beyond the region of fog and icebergs. The engine stopped for a time this morning to cool certain overheated parts. We have sails up today.
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Unformatted text preview: Friday July 1 A stormy sick day. Threw up my breakfast and did not go to the table again. The ladies crowded together in the upper saloon and the laid around men in the dining room. The stewardess brought us mugs of oatmeal porridge on which we dined. Felt listless and good for nothing all day. Lewis was quite sick too all day. Lemmie threw up his supper which was all the discomfort he had. Put him at once to bed and sat with Lewis in the dining room until bedtime. Had a tedious night, the book helped very much. The rain had beaten down all day. I did not feel very sick but was never more thoroughly uncomfortable. We have made 282 miles today and are 1548 miles from New York and 1460 still from Glasgow: more than halfway....
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