BACKUS - BACKUS(TRUMAN JAY PAPERS Class of 1864 Diary 1861...

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BACKUS (TRUMAN JAY) PAPERS Class of 1864 Diary, 1861 Property of Truman J. Backus, University of Rochester. A.∆.P. Tuesday, January 1, 1861 Commenced the year with eyes open! J.E.G. and I kept private “Watch meeting” at his house - arose at 8:30 A.M after the performance of breakfast we called at my paternal mansion - harnessed the faithful beast Happy New Yeared Dick Parker – Clara Kingsley – Em Kendall – Sarah Casey – K. Wallman – S. Glass, Mr. Williams, devoured bivalves, - C.T. Chase –New Year’s dinner at home – called awhile with Smith in P.M. Taught Mary Stevens and Montagne how to skate – jolly time. In evening four ____went sliding down hill –In contrast with our season of life –Took supper with Garrett at ex-Mayor Stevens’s he not at home but his daughter was – If the year passes as pleasantly as the day twill be a happy year. Wednesday, January 2 Retired at one o’clock this morning, arose at 8. Mother and I occupied the forenoon reading “The Battles of the Revolution” May the spirit of “The Fathers” burn in the bosoms of the sons and save our country from “intestine strife” (Dr. Anderson’s term) Miss Father’s company he is ordaining someone at Elbridge today – Passed a little while in the high school-It seemed as if I were young again-Does me good to see Mr. Roundy’s fat face-Smith passed a little time with me, we had a pleasant sing Oh! My sonorous voice-Called to see Heclin (?) he’s going! going! will soon be gone!! Presented Mother with counterfeit presentment of her lengthy son-She thinks it isn’t “good looking enough” for me-May go tomorrow May not. Thursday, January 3 Instead of waking at 3 o’clk for the train I opened my eyes to the light of day at 8 o’clock-little too late for breakfast. Two weeks dissipation is too much for me-Visiting until 12 o’clk every night may be pleasing to the spirit but it’s hard work for the tenement of clay-Called to see Clara Kingsley with Julius- Clara is a Darling -how she mourns for her sisters! May I be worthy of being loved-but let me not leave such an aching void in kindred hearts when I leave this terrestrial ball-Julius stayed with me tonight and by the noise we think we think we dwell in some vast howling wilderness-Last night at home for the present. Friday, January 4 I arose with Julius this morning and looking back upon the bed we had just left inwardly sighed that three months were to pass before I should again sleep under the paternal roof. Attended the meeting of “fasting and prayer” appointed by Jas Buchanan-thinking that Uncle Jimmy needed praying for-How many minds there are in many men-All Americans desire to seek the interest of America but hardly two can see her interest alike- At six o’clock left Syracuse rode in the seat with a fellow whom I suspected of being a knave. Was welcomed by Chee___ and Dr. H’s family.
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Saturday, January 5 The old business, of study, was prosecuted today. It is hard work to begin mental labor after a spell of
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BACKUS - BACKUS(TRUMAN JAY PAPERS Class of 1864 Diary 1861...

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