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April 5 memo - BRAGDON RESEARCHER Ann Garadello THURSDAY...

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BRAGDON RESEARCHER, Ann Garadello (?) THURSDAY 4/5 AROUND NOON The owners of a Bragdon home in Oswego are supposed to be coming in to look at the drawings of the house this Thursday around noon. It is the Sloan house, tube 17 in D. 87, the Bragdon architectural files. In addition to the encapsulated drawings in the flat files in the main work room, there are also: o 2 oversize drawings in the square box above those drawers(the only o/s drawing on that tube) and o blueprints (file 17) in the flat file in alcove 9. o specifications for the house can be found in D.87, box 2 folder 17, Sloan (in the manuscript stacks). The oversize drawings are full scale details of the library mantel (40 x 72") and of the dining room mantel (40 x 67"). Because these are fragile and so large, please check with the patrons to be sure that they are interested in them before bringing them out. If they want to view them, they will need to do so in either Plutzik or Seward and a staff member should unroll and re-roll the drawings onto the tube.
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