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2002 2 #1C - 5 Which of the following drugs contain a...

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Unformatted text preview: 5. Which of the following drugs contain a thiazolidine ring in its structure? 0 penicillin ’b) aspirin /r c) captopril “:3. CD phenobarbital @ sulfanilamide 6. Which of the following is LEAST likely to be involved in future drug development? / combinatorial chemistry ,5) high throughput screening .. rational drug design Q) trial and error structure-based drug design 7. Which of the following drugs is NOT produced by microorganisms? a) tetracycline .b) penicillin G c) recombinant human insulin d) cephalosporin " sulfanilamide 8. Which of the following drugs is made by organic chemical synthesis? a) taxol l2) chloramphenicol c) reserpine d) morphine .. aspirin S. 'v\i'lr:l:;h oi the following processes is suitable for the acquisition ofprotei’n therapeutics? at, organic chemical synthesis "‘b fermentation recombinant DNA technology “at large scale extraction from plants e); combinatorial chemistry 10. Which of the following drug class was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1929? ' penicillins ) sulfonamides c) barbiturates d) cephaiosporins e) corticosteroids ...
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