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2003 2 - 5 Which of the following processes ii mOSt...

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Unformatted text preview: 5. Which of the following processes ii mOSt suitablg for the agguisition of protein therapeutigs? a) combinatorial chemistry -Y\ bf fermentation ( 0i bi 9:)» large scale extraction from plants P )7 organic synthesis \recombinant DNA technology 6. Which of the following drugs is NOT made byE/gfihtE) a) theophylline . ,lr) digoxin )5 ephedrine Q) tetracycline M taxol €3® Which of the following i§ EDT an alkaloidé) A), atropine ~&L\b.63rwt~ 9M digitalis a Q“; aims morhine - G lwm . reserpine ~ 8. Which of the following drugs is a nitrogen mustard? 3) captopril ,b) cephalosporin C c) chloramphenicol d) codein @c clo hosp‘ mide 9. Which of the following is the major source of drugs? a) animals b) microorganisms c) minerals d) plants synthesis , a \ “"me C 10. Which of the following‘ca'n ban from the use‘ QSAR uring drug development? é) combinatorial chemistry ‘ we high throughput screening “’9’ ‘9’ 2:: c rational drug design Qd EN? trial and error L {at i ‘ 3? e) none of the above ~fi >0J A48 {>ka K NJ if 9i iii ...
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