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2004 4 - 16 When partitioned between a mixture of n-octanol...

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Unformatted text preview: 16. When partitioned between a mixture of n-octanol and water, drug A’s solubility is 0.6 mglmL in n—octanol and 15 mgl100 mL in water. The value of P for drug A is which of the following: a) 0.004 J 79 is. r/), b) 0.04 jfi It, C) 0.4 K’s—~49 », i8? ‘. ' e 40 17. Salicylic acid is more readily absorbed from the stomach, than it is reabsorbed by the kidneys. Is this statement true or false? 0H fl TRUE CE .1 EDFALSE COOH salicylic gig 18. Benzo(a)pyrene, a carcinogenic component of cigarette smoke, alkylates the DNA at which of the following sites? a) MHz-group at the 4-position of cytosine b) NHz-group at the 6—position of adenine Hz-group at the 2-position of guanine N-7 of adenine e) N-7 of guanine /C.\ 19. \What is the percentage of the free base form of nicotine at a urinary pH of 6, if the "xn' tinium ion's pKa = 8? @D99 % ,7 Wig‘MJ ” ”cram d) ’9:1‘%‘ e) 0.99 % i ii!) ‘IDVSLJV. 1.7/5 20. Which of the following rings cannot be found in ciprofloxacin? o fi/Pyridme‘ F COOH b) CYCFGPFUW" [ertquinoline p I /‘d))iperazine . . Kvé.’ piperi dine HNd Acnprofloxacm 21. Which one of the following drugs requires reductive metabolism for activity? @sulindac ) cyclophosphamide c) imipramine d) tolbutamide e) benzylpenicillin ...
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