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MedChem 1st (2000)

MedChem 1st (2000) - 1 Medicinal chemists a Discover design...

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1. Medicinal chemists a. Discover, design & synthesize drugs b. design & make drug dosage forms, e.g. tablets c. primarily study the effects of drugs in the body organic chemists by training d. are organic chemists by training e. a & d For questions 2 & 3, select the appropriate person and enter the appropriate e letter on the bubble sheet: a) John Abel, b.) Gerhard Domagk, c) Paul Ehrlich, d. Alexander Fleming, e) William Withering. 2. Nobel prize winning discoverer of a natural product, a prototype of a major drug class, useful for treating bacterial infections. 3. Nobel prize winning discoverer of the antibacterial effect of a synthetic dye. This discovery marked the beginning of the development of a major drug class and the acceptance of synthetic approaches to drug discovery and development. 4. The discipline of Organic chemistry was born in 1828, when the vital force theory was overturned by Friedrich Wohler's demonstration of the synthesis of the animal product urea (NH2CONH2) from the inorganic chemical: a) ammonium bicarbonate (NH4HC03) b) ammonium acetate (NH4000CH3) c) ammonium cyanate (NH40CN) d) sodium acetate (NaOCOCH3) e) sodium bicarbonate (NaHC03) 5. The solubility of alkaloids in water, compared to their hydrochloride salts is a.)greater b.)less c) the same 6. Examples of classes of drugs that are made by plants are a) cardiac glycosides (steroidal sugars), e.g. digoxin b) polypeptides, like insulin c.) alkaloids, e.g. morphine d.) a & b e) a, b, & c 7. The most characteristic structural feature of alkaloids is
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8. Drugs of animal origin include 9. The following structure represents 10. An example of an antibiotic (obtained from nature, by definition) is a) aspirin b) penicillin c) reserpine d) codeine e) sulfanilamide
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MedChem 1st (2000) - 1 Medicinal chemists a Discover design...

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